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My name is Bharat and I am a fellow Earth dweller currently based in Seattle, USA. I have lived an amazing life of global travel, great friends, abundance and for the past 10 years, a well-matched partner. But, from the earliest days of childhood that I can remember, there has always been an underlying calling that I could never quite make into anything tangible. From running around ancient temples in India while growing up or roaming the beautiful places of our planet, there was always an attraction or invitation to go beyond. It was more a “sense” that manifested itself in things like talking to (and love of) animals or going for a walk in the forest and feeling the trees and life there. I have always had a deep love and connection with nature which has only grown as I have become older. I am very privileged to live in a part of the world where the mountains kiss the beautiful Pacific ocean and most of my time is spent in those magical places (when I am home). But extensive global travel and living in other countries led to the inevitable sins of wanderlust which have prevented me from exploring that calling in any significant manner.


That is, until a creation called SARS-CoV-2 froze the world with the ushering in of Covid in 2020. Being opportunistic of the pause in the life of wanderlust, I took the time to explore a less physical path and discovered many others who had walked far down that way and offered a wealth of knowledge and guidance. This led me to start examining my own life in both the physical and mental dimensions and I found the results, while expansive and great by any standard, lacking something. A ‘Je ne sais quoi’ if you will. This is when I knew I had to begin investing in and exploring that other dimension of life that falls under the ubiquitous ‘spiritual’ tag. But this was not going to be any ordinary journey that is solved by money and intellect. No, I somehow instinctively knew that I needed to build, load and reboot into a whole new Bharat operating system (OS) that would be unlike any that came before it. Bharat 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0 were generational leaps forward but the next iteration would have to be something completely new and transformational. It had to provide me with a platform to go beyond the body and mind and allow experiential experiences and evolution. I had to build something that would not only take me to the end of this body’s time on this planet, but beyond.


With such fantastical thoughts and goal in mind, I took the first bold step in stepping down from a lucrative and comfortable job. This was not very difficult as I was on the tail end of what had been an amazing and rare experience of being able to join and ride a unicorn from humble beginnings to multi-billion-dollar stardom. But after 10 years, with passion and creative energy running on near-empty, it was time to bid farewell.  In March of 2021 I discussed this with my manager and we both decided on a 6 month exit where I would hire and train my replacement. I knew I needed to completely unplug to go plan and design my new OS, so I was going to just quit. But, as luck would have it, another organization offered me a perfect (far lower level and scope) position that would be completely new. The best part of this was that I negotiated a 3-month sabbatical with no work responsibilities at all.

I started my sabbatical by pressing the reset button on my mind by doing a 10-day Vipassana course. Once complete, we left for what would be a lazy, sun-kissed life on near-deserted beaches in Costa Rica.  I spent the time deeply thinking about the new OS and what I wanted out of it. Having no demand of work or even social entanglements (many areas had no cell signal), I was free to dream and slowly synthesize what it was that I was looking for and how to build it. This had to be something that I had to do alone, with Rupa providing her usual encouragement and smiles when I would get too serious. But what emerged towards the end of this introspection was the framework for my new OS.


So, here I stand at the threshold of what I am going to call The Journey Inward because I have come to the conclusion that this is the only way to start toward my goals. Everything in this existence happens inside us, yet we spend all our time trying to gain favor from the outside via material things, people or experiences. I have no idea where this journey will take me, but I know I will evolve and far expand all dimensions of life from it. My purpose for this website is to share my reflections and invite conversations with others. No matter what you think or believe, we are all here together and learning from each other or sharing reflections is simply beautiful. So, please join me and let’s see what adventure and learnings this journey brings us.


May you and all beings be happy.



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